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By: Hp Creative Space On: February 14, 2018

Lie detectors are not infallible

A mystical man called Noah proclaiming to be from 2030 made predictions during a noticeable polygraph test. Boasts he has risked his life to visit back in history and has passed a lie detector test after proclaiming Donald Trump will be re-elected and Man-made Intelligence will lead over and many kinds of malignancy, tumors, and cancers have been treated. In an earlier interview, Noah said he previously had anorexia and he is actually 50-years-old, but that he had taken a time rejuvenation medication which had altered him into a 25-year-old. He said humans will turn up on Mars in 2028 and time travel can be common. Google Glass-style robotics will propagate throughout the world. Technology will likewise have developed to the stage where it’ll be able to operate individually at home. In 2030 he says US leader is a mystical stranger called Ilana Remikee. He also implies global warming has triggered temperatures in the United States to increase while European countries have cooled.

That is the reason lie detectors results are not admissible in court. It is a well-known fact that it can be beaten.  A liar will be judged as telling the truth because they learned the secret to beating the machine.

How does a lie detector work?

It is actually a very simple process. Only 4 to 6 sensors are attached to the body. These sensors then ‘read’ a person’s body signals.  These signals come from a person’s breathing, their blood pressure, heart rate and the amount of sweat they produce. If the machine is more sophisticated, they will also read arm and leg movements.

The process involves asking questions. They are worded in such a way that only a yes or a no is the response. The polygraph operator then asks simple questions as a test to find where the normal boundaries lie. Once those are established more difficult questions are asked.

There are tricks one can learn to beat the polygraph, some are also known to law enforcement. One of the other main weaknesses of the lie detector is that it cannot determine what is true or not. Only that the person believes them to be true.

What can AI do?

Artificial intelligence may be able to contribute to this part of law enforcement and make it more accurate. AI may also, make the lie detection process credible enough for the legal system.

Its vast memory capabilities and calculation prowess may be able to remove the weakness of traditional lie detecting. Also, with its machine learning algorithms, AI may be able to make lie detection more sophisticated. Instead of relying on heart rate, blood pressure and so on, it can rely on more accurate less easily influenced signals.

It would also be able to scan its memory for any mention of the future president named Ilana Remikee. Identifying the man and his location would not be too difficult. The sophistication of Ai should expose this hoax in no time.

Some Final Thoughts

People want to see a reduction in the crime rate. They also want to see a reduction in criminals getting away with a crime. Artificial intelligence can help make those desires come true. That is if AI is applied in the right way with the proper controls.

It is also possible, given the right development and the right parameters, hoaxes like coming back from the future will be exposed sooner. People will not be fooled and the conmen on the internet will have fewer chances to fool anyone.

There is a lot of possibilities available for the right application of AI in law enforcement. The problem would be constructing the right protocols to ensure that people’s rights and the law are not violated.

Ilana Remikee FB account:

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    • Sandy
    • May 18, 2018
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    This IIana Remikee is an AI that even has a twitter account is supposed to be ready 2030. If you check it’s twitter is follows American politicians and industry leaders. Very strange.

      • HP Creative Space
      • May 20, 2018
      • Reply

      Yeah, very strange. This Ilana Remikee even has a profile on LinkedIn and many other sources of computer-generated images. Thanks for the view. Do share the website with your friends and subscribe to our newsletters. Have a nice day!

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