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Today’s era is predominated by mechanized versions everywhere and this paved way for the rise of machine intelligence also familiar as artificial intelligence. The globe is encompassed with artificial intelligence procuring at AI products each step starting from the very idiosyncratic systems like ‘SIRI’ to cars that can be self-driven. Not only had artificial intelligence overpowered the society but also safeguarded it that will reveal gradually as you move down the line.

Sound Technology Intertwined With Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of artificial intelligence, various technologies have come up in the paradigm to disseminate its magic not only as an essence of comfort but as a protection against different issues withholding. Tremendous innovations have been witnessed in the field of sound technology that engulfed waves of transformation and enabled computerized machines to discern between disparate sounds and identify what each exactly is associated with.

An eminent startup named ‘Audio Analytic’ grounded at Cambridge with Chris Mitchell as its CEO. Different varieties of window panes and doors are sled-hammered by the artificial intelligence team of ‘Audio Analytic’ in order to create documentation of sounds by the computers. The sound recognition involves not only theft alarms but also alarms related to smoke, woofing of dogs and whimpering of babies. The computers have been governed to spot patterns of music and Aficionado – the indoctrinating system was groomed to identify telecommunications network. Let’s have an overview of the dangling innovations created by ‘Audio Analytic’.

Smoke Alarms

‘Audio Analytic’ installed oodles of smoke alarms in their office detecting the required element and emitting different sounds as well with signature intervals amidst the beeps. Each smoke alarm ringed to distinguished sounds clarifying the system to work more efficiently.

Woofing of Dogs

Dogs inculcate different breeds and it’s been quite easy to work on them. ‘Audio Analytic’ under the supervision of Chris Mitchell tested the barking of different dog breeds for documentation of those and fingering out by machines whenever necessary. Though it sounds uncanny but is feasible.

Whimpering of Babies

‘Audio Atlantic’ employed innovative techniques that turned on the night lamps as soon as a baby’s whimpering is being heard and another system which is in close proximity start playing a lullaby. Sengled – a Chinese electronics firm adopted ‘Audio Analytic’s’ innovative technology in a smart lamp with an inbuilt speaker to its base. This unique feature is a must-have in every smart home.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence

With the advent and widespread fuming of artificial intelligence, mankind is at stake in context to job facilities. A humongous threat is being imposed affecting the job prospects and arises quintals of questions, still despite all these the tricky innovations of artificial intelligence created transformational waves and giving its best to protect us from every odds. Not only in the field of sound technology but also in the field of diseases and violence artificial intelligence worked wonders. Let’s have a glimpse of this and the protection provided by them.

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Epidemiology

A unique system that combines the time constraint and location of each new dengue case-lets being filed and an amazing software as well for recognizing patterns from large amounts of data, becoming phenomenal with each passing day.

The Shotspotter System

The shot spotter system is used to track all sorts of violence occurred by guns and employing acoustic sensors too.

Detecting Cancer

Cancer is a life-destroying disease sweeping away millions of lives cause it is undetectable at times. Cancer-detecting system helps to analyze the percentage of tumor present and also identifies which tissue is germ-free. A modern technology used by doctors and a commendable approach to artificial intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence Protects Us

The burning sensation of artificial intelligence reduced the risk of office or home fires, to ensure security against thieves or intruders. Artificial intelligence at times plays the role of nanny too in calming down a baby by singing the sweetest lullaby. Also detects which domain is vulnerable to pathogens and also helps to identify cancerous cells at early phase thus saving lives. Artificial intelligence also reduces the rate of crimes and violence in the highly developed countries.

Final Words

Henceforth, artificial intelligence withheld remarkable features that not only served an intriguing purpose but also protected the human existence at its best.

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