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Blockchain defined

To keep it simple blockchain is merely information that is stored in a database that has no centralized controls or security. It can be publicly accessed without too much trouble. Also, the term blockchain explorer is used to describe the technology that creates that database.

AI researchers see potential in adopting blockchain structures

One of the main areas this is taking place is in the area of transparency. Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers are looking to use blockchain capabilities to track AI based entities and discover any detail that may or may not be in compliance with government regulations. Keeping tabs on AI type entities is an important step in stopping corruption and other illegal efforts.

This is just one of at least 5 areas that AI researchers hope to apply blockchain technology to Artificial Intelligence Actions

Wishful thinking

Most of those attempts to apply blockchain to AI technology is merely wishful thinking and are not fully developed or thought through as of yet. One of the issues is that this idea may be a little late to the party and the AI world has passed blockchain technology by.

But it may still have its uses in training AI robotics in machine learning and how to handle individual business’s different programs.

Vulnerability to bad bots

The main drawback to implementing blockchain technology in an AI world is that blockchain depends on decentralization. That fact makes the whole system quite vulnerable to nefarious plans of those who do not like to work legally.

The vulnerability of the decentralized network is a prime breeding ground for bots who are programmed to do illegal acts. They can hide and reinvent themselves over and over making it difficult to remove such information, etc., from the system.

The eradication of those illegal bots would be costly, time-consuming and almost impossible.

Privacy vs. decentralization

Even with training data, those researchers who AI blockchain technology can run afoul of the law. They would be violating government privacy regulations by placing private information on databases where it cannot be removed.

Most people would not like that idea if they knew it was taking place.  The information cannot be deleted because a blockchain hyper ledger is unchangeable.

Some Final Thoughts

These are just some of the issues facing marrying AI technology with blockchain technology. The idea may seem like a good idea at the time but when more thought is applied, the apparent beauty is diminished by the problems it would create.

Sometimes the vast potential overshadows the dangers and those dangers are not seen quick enough to avoid. Or they come so fast that there is no time to create new programming to defend against such issues.

In other words, researchers get so excited about an idea that they fail to see the ramifications of those ideas and how they affect people. They want their ideas to succeed regardless of the dangers to their fellow humans.

That is what makes blending blockchain explorer with AI technology a little dangerous.

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