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China Times has a plan

It wants to be a world leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its competitive nature does not like the fact that it may be behind many other nations in the pursuit of AI and its applications.

This competitive attitude also does not like to wait for their own government to get on board with AI development. Many Chinese companies are forging ahead with their own ideas and objectives.

Know your weaknesses

To be number one in any field, let alone AI research, one must not only their strengths but their weaknesses. The strengths do not need much improvement. The Chinese businessmen know this thus they are taking the time to develop those areas in which they are the weakest.

One weak under development is the robotic and smart vehicles. But that is changing as the Chinese technology leaders are taking the necessary steps to upgrade in those areas of AI technology.

China does have a plan

The Chinese do use a business strategy that helps them become a leader in the cost of technology area. They have used it over and over. They develop joint working projects with other nations in areas they are weak. Then once they learn how to handle the technology, they go off on their own and develop the same technology at a cheaper price.

That is just one area in strategy China will employ over the next few years. Another plan is to appropriate any useful data, rework it, then sell it back to the originating countries at lower costs.

It is a business plan that has served the Chinese nation well. The Chinese are strongest when they race to the bottom in reaching computers. That race depends on the ability to make products a lot cheaper than anyone else.

Foreign protections

When another nation teams up and partners with China they are exposing themselves to this strategy. This means that they are teaching their future competitors on how to beat their own manufacturing companies.

This may not be a smart move even if AI technology is protected by patents and other international protocols. China will be able to find a secondary market to sell their imitation products at a low price.

There is always a way around a roadblock if one thinks and tries hard enough.

China does what it does best

The Chinese are masters at imitating the products of other nation’s manufacturers. They are also masters at producing knock-offs at a very low price. When it comes to AI technology China looks to be implementing this strategy to help them become leaders in the global AI technology field.

Doing what you do best is a sure-fire way of succeeding in new business ventures. It takes the guesswork out of the process and makes production simple and easy. You know what to do and how to get it done.

That is the smart move when competition is tough and there are a lot of competitors to beat.

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