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By: Hp Creative Space On: March 11, 2018

Google AI Work and Tools

Google has been working to make our lives easier with the technology advances since the beginning of the millennial era and when it comes to artificial intelligence, Google is clearly leading the world also providing free education. The level of human-like intelligence Google has attained can be understood downright by how Google’ Deepmind defeated the best human mind in the world in the game of Go, a Chinese strategy board game, Lee Se-dol on 15th March 2016.

Google has been and is working continuously to make voice and vision, the two moralities of computing, better and better at interacting with humans. In the Google I/O 2017, Google launched many of its AI first products and features like Google Assistant for iPhone, Google Lens, smart reply for Gmail, etc. If you want to know anything about Google’s AI initiatives, google.ai is your answer. Ai.google is the dedicated artificial intelligence division of Google, which came to life in the Google I/O. Here are the 4 major tools that are featured in ai.google.

  1. Cloud TPU’s

These second-generation tensor processing units from Google are all set to cater to all the computational needs for researching, engineering, or data analysis. This ultra-heavy duty TPUs can deliver up to 180 teraflops of performance, which means it can perform millions of complicated computations within a second. This is an empowering initiative by Google and aims to serve the most promising researchers around the world, for which it is even availing 1000 such TPU’s free of cost, as a gesture of empowerment.

  1. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is a software library that operates on data flow graphs and performs the numerical computation. Although TensorFlow was developed for Google’s own use by their Google Brain team, they open-sourced it for everyone to use on 9th November 2015. Google using the same technology in the cloud TPUs that it is providing a service. TensorFlow is characterized by its architectural flexibility so that with a single API, you can deploy your set of computational work to more than one CPUs or GPUs.

  1. Cloud AI

The AI of Google Cloud does more than half your work for you when you avail its fast and scalable machine learning services by providing pre-trained models according to your need. Even Google’s own applications like Photos, Allo, Translate, etc use its services. Apart from this, the AI has the following features:

  • Allows customization your own Machine Learning model
  • Large Scale service
  • Hardware tuned for Machine Learning
  • Make devices and platforms conversational
  • State-of-the-art Video & Image Analysis
  • Robust Speech Recognition, Text Analysis & Translation
  1. Kaggle

Kaggle is a data science and machine learning community enabled by Google. It is a host of public domain high-quality data sets so as to enable building models with that. It is a platform for the data scientists around the globe to come together and discuss problems and fresh approaches to them. It also facilitates you to host competitions and assigns a rank to the competitors accordingly.

The future of Google is AI and it is working exponentially harder every day to do better and be better. Google doesn’t need to prove how capable it is to do bring innovation with AI as it has done so time and again and with the vision of Sundar Pichai, Google is set to move beyond the horizon of possibilities and touch new heights in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Google AI Free Education

Google’s AI Education is a free course aimed to bring machine learning skills and related concepts to all users’ doorstep without much hassle and fizzle. Although there are some prerequisites to be considered before taking this course that one should have a basic programming knowledge, writing codes and introductory level of algebra knowledge.

The main purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to make human life easier. Artificial intelligence is the type of Intelligence where the visual mixture cognitive functions such as learning and problem solving of human minds.

Why Google AI education

Methods such as automated reasoning, learning and perception are a day to day phenomenon required in our daily lives. Few of the examples are smartphones using artificial Intelligence for their various applications. GPS (Global Positioning System) also uses this type of intelligence widely.  It is well known that Artificial Intelligence is the present and the future of computer science as it can solve any Complex problem since it has problem-solving and reasoning skills like a human. However, it is under fast development by Google. Ai.google education is suitable for everyone who wants to learn the basic education to experts who already have a deep learning about an AI and are looking for advanced tutorials.

What will you learn?

Learn about ML concepts, developing and improvising ML skills, applying ML to Real-world problems. They also teach ab testing, activation function. AdcGrad, Area under the ROC curve,  binary classification marketing calibration, bucketing, calibration layer,  candidate sampling, classification threshold, confusion Matrix, convex set and  customization, data set, decision boundary, embedding and ensemble, generalization of linear models, kernel support vector machines, one-hot encoding, pre-made estimator, representation, scaling, softmax, tensor board.

Machine learning crash course

It has a new crash course called Machine Learning crash course. This course provides a platform for ML concepts, exercises, instructional videos and interactive visualization sessions. This course enables Googlers to apply the lessons from this course to skills such as camera calibration for daydream devices, improving streaming quality at YouTube, building a virtual reality for Google Earth.

Tensorflow workshop

This workshop enables one to create one’s own model with the Tensorflow Framework that helps to power Google photos to Google Cloud speech. These models can be trained to be managed. The trained model is immediately put to use by integrating with Google Cloud dataflow for reprocessing. The data can be accessed from Google cloud storage, Google bigquery, and others.

Neural network

This is a technique which is used for building a computer programme that works how the human brain works and learns from data. ‘Neurons’ which are a collection of software that is created and is connected together. They send messages to each other and solve problems which arise. For free educational visualization purpose, there is a library, although the Tensorflow library is used for Real-world applications.

Final Words

Whether if someone just wants to learn to code or if they already have are a machine learning practitioner, everyone can benefit from this. AI is created in such a way that reaching a degree of precision is highly possible without errors. AI performs highly tedious tasks with much responsibility.

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