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Artificial Intelligence is a process of making a computer, a robot or a computer software think intelligently in the way as we humans think.

Machine Learning is growing at a faster rate in past few years as it is a segment of Artificial Intelligence. AI systems can now perform works more effectively and quickly that is essential for the growth and development of any industry now in Legal services too.

 Artificial  Intelligence(AI) And Machine Learning(ML)

AI and ML is a solution where a lot of new information is being created. New data requires categorization and storage for AI and ML  execution. The legal field shows all the mentioned features and is a prime competitor for an industry that will be going a change through the application and use of AI.

 AI And ML Influence  All Over Asia

China –

Wusong  Technology, a pioneer in China is digitizing the way Courts work using AI authorized robot-chatbot called as Fa Xiaotao, offers clients case inquiry and help them to acquire lawyers.

At Beijing, in October 2017, an Intermediate People’s Court pulled into far-reaching consideration when a robot named Xiao Fa was put into work. The robot can answer addresses verbally on its screen and print out reports.


The main law offices of Singapore, in September 2017, the Wong Partnership focuses on AI invention. The firm uses the invention for the stability of M&A exchange and to feature areas that required the human survey and resolving differences.

The Singapore office of Law company Linklaters has been working with a product organization, Eigen Technologies, to create Nakhoda, a computerized reasoning (AI) program in which PCs or computers can receive and react to human accent.

South Korea –

Law office in South Korea, Yulchon acquired Carl Im, has now enabled Yulchon to create the invention that gives easy consistence devices including applications for customers.


India’s dynamic companies, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas using AI for agreement examination and survey by tieing together with Canadian AI collaborator Kira Systems.

CaseMine and NearLaw are creating a new legal services research. AI and ML features include VisualSearch and the CaseRanking set of rules show the suitable cases quickly. When powerful paperwork and time taking procedures obstructed to process information for legal justice are becoming a past now.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)  –

Natural language processing helps in creating computer systems managing with the law. NLP provides a medium to connect with the computer that understands the natural language spoken by humans.

Lawyers, when struggling with legal cases need to establish legal research for a few huge cases and look at the number of decisions to acquire the right cases that are appropriate to their client’s development. In solving this issue NLP plays a vital role in the field of artificial intelligence.

AI  Legal Office Management

The rising of robot advisors suggesting HNI’s (high total assets people) and Ultra-HNI has made another development in the field of Legal industry.Administrative activities of law companies like payroll management, resource management, meeting schedules and client billing are being similar to the companies from other business industries.

AI’s Rise In Legal Services Industry is a Blessing or Not For The Legal Industry?

Lawyers can now present their legal cases digitally more effectively through AI.AI could not replace judges and adjudicators as legal choices depend on legal thinking and on the judge’s sympathy and a natural presence of mind with regards to supervising justice.While AI and NLP would be a tool, experience, and information of the human would be a basic requirement in settling disputes between the two parties.

Those lawyers who overlook the circumstance and preparing the correct area of abilities of future legal advisors will be improved and prepared for the AI Age.

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