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Challenges are inevitable obtrude by a handful of issues, the health being one of them. The sole concern of IBM Watson Health is to unyoke pathfinders as well as influences in health confined matters so that they can conquer adversities and create new horizons. The main motto is to inject that confidence in them to rebel against the biggest health provocations of the World.

The Primary Vision

IBM Watson Health withholds the primary vision to ameliorate lives and empowering hope. Health heroes are nurtured and armed as well to counterattack dare in context to health and also stand beside coruscating communities. At the same time loading them with technical expertise to rise to power and blooming up their lives. In IBM Watson Health, optimization of performance is an utmost necessity keeping in mind the chances that increase the success expectancy of patients. The care team being employed should be provided with thorough details including effective data which in turn offers betterment in the decision-making process of the team.

There are doctors who consider artificial intelligence a boon in medical science and technology. They strictly believe that artificial intelligence serves patient with personal and value-based care.

According to them, IBM Watson Health provides expertise technology that facilitated the treatment of patients incorporated by both medicine and machine as it enables detection of problems causing disease and hence provides a chance of curing it. The IBM Watson Health Advisory Team employs approx forty-two clinical and health experts forming part of a much broader IBM community.

Imaging, oncology, value-based treatment and life sciences are several issues being focused to be the current examples of this advisory board. The advisory board also shapes the decision making policy. It had proved to be an outstanding body giving proper care to the patients.

The Benchmark Set

IBM Watson Health studied 50 cardiovascular hospitals and had set a benchmark for three hospital classes such as teaching hospitals provided with cardiovascular residencies, teaching hospitals deprived of cardiovascular residencies and community hospitals as well. These study is unique in its ability pertaining results that are quite objective and to improve the performance level the of cardiovascular system of excellence.

American Diabetes Association also followed this inventive techniques and crucial critical intelligence analysed the rate of patients who have a higher risk of diabetes as compared to the lower strata. According to the Watson healthcare perspective, the health industry is taking everyone by storm introducing predictive analytics model.

Cognitive computing application assists to absorb and analyze structured as well as unstructured data. This data incorporates information from devices that are wearable, the genetic makeup of a patient and text volumes from medical literature. Providing context and logic in the analysis of the predictive model is a proactive feature in the healthcare industry. Health systems that are efficiently equipped with artificial intelligence contributed pretty well in value based success.

The New Wave

IBM Watson Health created a new wave in the city of New York tweaking the application process of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It redefined customer service and also led to almost 40,000 people particularly applying for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). IBM Watson Health initiated a cognitive computing method to link patient history with medical imaging.

Approximately 14.1 million people were diagnosed with cancer in the year 2012 and provided expert oncologists to detect and cure diseases. Genomic and Immunotherapy treatments revamped leading to new therapeutic changes. For breast cancer, an estimated amount of 70 drugs were approved in the US. Artificial intelligence with an incorporation of IBM Watson Health revived the decision making power and treatment of cancer.

The Study

IBM Watson was engaged with Barrow Neurological Institute for a discovery of drugs. Studying in detail regarding genetic mutation and to link ALS with the newly identified RNA-binding proteins and the pathway through which ALS gets linked to RNA-binding protein is detected through a computer imagery providing the trace of the pathways. IBM Watson associated with this Neurological Institute paved new traces of health improvement and made work quite easier. Thus, IBM Watson Health allowed discovering potential treatments for Barrow Neurological Institute.

The Capabilities

The cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson Health reduced the expectancy of medicines and increased the efforts of medical system efficiency. An app has been intricately designed by IBM Watson Health named as ‘IBM Watson Pharmacy’ where each individual patient can look out for the prescribed medicine and things got cloud-sync by the app. IBM Watson Health made innovations in precision medicine and helped to detect drugs that cause mutation.

The Analysis

Study of tumors take place and sequenced in greater depth by larger machines which are further analyzed by analysts. The identification of sudden mutations is furthermore treated in a more precise and synergized manner. IBM Watson Health introduced cognitive care plans that in return blends computerized cognitive care along with management practices. The sole discern was to provide proper optimization of health.

IBM Watson Health enables artificial intelligence to encompass a digital business where data is seen as a source of raw material or more specifically a natural resource. In an era of data explosion acquaintance, these source of cognitive technologies helps to redeem the learning, transaction, relation, competition and win. The core aspect of IBM Watson Health is to spread that smile and make individuals compassionately strong, striving all the odds.

Health Efficient Technology

In IBM Watson Health efficient technologies and cognitive practices are being employed to assume the success of patient as per individual case histories. Empowering dreams and making lives quite easy. Therapeutically done treatment along with mutation of genes sparkled lives penetrating to the cause of diseases and pointing healthcare as everyone’s priority.

All these technological innovations made life easy and artificial intelligence has a great contribution indeed. Residing in an era of improved technological innovations, medical science is taking new leaps and finding new horizons. IBM Watson Health collaborated with certain renowned hospitals and uplifted certain health-related factors and other factors enabling a disease-free life as well as oncology-related problems. In nutshell, IBM Watson Health provided new horizons in life sciences and drug discovery leading to cognitively capable life and featuring immense possibilities of leading a healthy disease free life.

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