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Artificial intelligence has been integrated into different types of programs in every corner of the world. The artificial intelligence industry is rapidly growing due to its versatility, diversity, and efficiency. The use of Artificial intelligence can be sensed in every small and big industry. Israel is one of the leading countries which is adapting to artificial intelligence more and more. The new startup industries are choosing artificial intelligence over man labor to get better results.

The Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Israel Police collaborate to develop advanced technologies, AI tools, and big-data that will help to prevent crime.

This collaboration led to the launch of the Center for Computational Criminology in the presence of the Police Commissioner at BGU’s Advanced Technologies Park.

The last breakthrough in the technology field was DNA testing, making its mark as an AI revolution.

In this initiative, BGU researchers will be collaborating with the cyber investigators of Israel Police in order to develop new machine-learning tools for law enforcement. Ben-Gurion, with its research, has become a recognized leader; especially with its national initiative to advance Beersheba as the Cyber Capital Of Israel.

The Center also ropes in Cyber@BGU, to run the collaboration with MNCs as it is the most innovative and challenging platform that works on the cyber-related projects.

The scenario of Artificial intelligence in Israel

With the rise of adaptation of Artificial intelligence in various sectors of Israel, the funding has also increased. More and more investors are investing in the high demand Artificial intelligence industry. As the demand for AI is absurdly high in the country, it is seeing rapid developments. The latest technologies and advanced researchers in artificial intelligence are carried out to provide more efficiency to the clients.

In the past few years (about three to four), the count of Artificial intelligence implementation in different industries has tripled in Israel. About four hundred and thirty startups have incorporated AI into their core development services. As the market has such high demand, the AI industry is drawing investors from around the globe.

The artificial industry in Israel is setting up technological research companies to meet the needs of the start-up companies which are using AI. With international seminars and workshops, Israel is leading the way of bringing innovation into the industry of AI.

Any artificial industry needs the best tools to optimize the workload efficiency. As the artificial intelligence is a replacement for human intelligence, it needs to be fast and accurate at the same time. It reduces manual labor to the extent that it reduces a lot of expenses too. The benefits of AI are likely to be released more in the near future.

Leading Investors in AI industry in Israel

  • Microsoft Accelerator
  • JVP
  • Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel
  • UpWest Labs
  • Magma Venture Partners
  • Nielsen Innovate
  • Aleph
  • Glilot Capital Partner

Final Verdict

Israel is a booming country with lots of opportunities. The growth of Artificial intelligence is due to the fact that the country is slowly progressing towards a create a technologically advanced country. The startup growth in the marketing department is huge in the country. It is the department which mostly needs AI to generate leads to advertise their products. Another department which demands the application of AI is the customer service management sector in every business. As the market for such departments is raw in the country, Israel has seen such a steep rise in the AI industry.

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