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By: Hp Creative Space On: January 6, 2018

A Few Words

Robotics has become the new scientific fad. It seems that a majority of students and scientists are interested in developing robotic machines for entertainment, daily household tasks and fill romantic voids. Is this a good thing?

The positives of developing robots

Few types of robots,

Counseling robots

Research has shown that people will open up to a cute looking robot that asks simple questions. The researchers wondered why this was so? But it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out why people would give up their secrets to a robot.

The robot provided a very non-judgmental atmosphere that made talking to them safely. Also, the robot acted more like a dog, except for the speaking part. It allowed the human to air out some thoughts, so they could get a better grasp of the problems they faced.

They trusted the cute little robot because it made them feel better.

Robots in the home

Right now, robots are being developed to take over daily household tasks. So far, the traditional vacuum cleaner is at risk of losing its job. But soon scientists hope to have robots that will respond to every command a homeowner may have. Taking over a lot of the housework may be a good thing.

Romantic robots

There are robots that are partially being used to help fill romantic voids. They play the role of a lover quite well. Sending romantic messages to a cell phone. Although, these robots still need a human touch to complete their tasks.

Filling the romantic void may help people focus better on their studies, their duties and other activities.

The negatives of developing robots

Memory work

Humans tend to be a bit lazy and if there is a better easier way to do something then they take that option. For example, memorization. If the human gave the information to a robot to remember, then they stop using their memorization skills and lose development. It becomes harder for the human to remember because they stopped using that ability.

But that is not all,

What if these robots fall into the wrong hands? We know this can happen as people steal technology, records, secrets all the time. The information stored in their records would leave humans very vulnerable.

Or what about if a robot is programmed by its creator to do something humans know to be wrong. The robot would not know it is wrong because it is obeying its programming, not a moral code. The robot cannot tell the difference between right and wrong.

Some final words

Even though scientists are cheering the development of robots, it seems that the negatives of their creation outweigh the positives. There would have to be some very detailed and sophisticated security systems implanted into the robots to make them trustworthy.

Robots may fool people and play with their minds over the internet but it is a different story when the human interacts with a robot face to face.

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