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By: Hp Creative Space On: January 10, 2018

Marketing Mix is in need of a remake

Everyone knows it, especially those on the receiving end of commercials, telemarketers, and other promotional outlets. But marketing is a difficult part of life. It has the tough job of convincing people to buy products they do not need or can afford.

To some analysts, marketing strategies have been locked in the last century. They are no longer viable and need the assistance of AI to help update those strategies.

Us v. Them

According to some analysts, the marketing world has lost sight of who they are. They turned the marketing game into a battle where they are against the consumer. These marketers have forgotten that they too are a part of the consumer world.

This forgetfulness has allowed them to develop or hold on to strategies that they would not like applied to them. It is this Neanderthal thinking that some analysts want to change with the aid of AI.

The change begins with an open mind

To apply AI technology to marketing would require a willingness to open one’s mind. The marketer would have to see the potential that AI brings to their profession. Once this happens then the next step would be to have them let go of the past strategies.

The marketers then can look to see how to implement AI technology correctly. But age-old ideas must be removed or rejuvenated with the possibilities that AI brings.

Ideas are flowing

In marketing, AI is the next best thing since sliced bread. Ideas are already starting to come in on how to use AI effectively. One example is to stop the ‘throw it at the wall and let’s see what sticks’ approach to marketing.

Advocates for the use of AI technology want to make advertisements personal. In their minds, this will be seen as a more attractive approach by the consumer. People are tired of being lumped together as a nameless face in the crowd.

They want to be addressed like the person they are. They want respect and AI can help marketers achieve that objective.

Some Modern Marketing Checklist

  • Move from statistic division to constant behavioral division that is real-time behavioral segmentation.
  • Move from canned messages to extraordinary personalization.
  • Move from communicating dispersion (reach) to right message, right place, right time, and right gadget engagement.
  • Move from a multi-channel or omnichannel way to deal with a cross-channel approach.
  • Move from non-exclusive client encounter techniques by refining buyer excursions and ways to buy.

The eventual fate of promoting is open. While showcasing will dependably commend its past, inheritance outlooks and models offer the approach to clever, computerized and human-focused customer engagement. Doing as such acquires an extraordinary upper hand by giving buyers the customized, beneficial and captivating background they anticipate.

This is another easy task for AI technology. It can help craft personal messages targeting the electronic devices consumers favor the most. Twitter for those who tweet. Android messages for Android users and so on.

AI will make this task simple and efficient. It has the power and skills to accomplish this upgrade smoothly.

The sky is the limit

Those were but two examples of where AI technology could upgrade marketing strategies. The potential of AI is basically limitless if given the right thought by the right open minds. The key is to build on the right foundation.

This means that not all old ideas and strategies need to be tossed in the wastebasket. AI can help sort through them all and select which of the old ideas will still work today. AI will also help streamline and refine those old ideas to work better in today’s electronic age.

Marketing will benefit with the implementation of AI technology.

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