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By: Hp Creative Space On: January 25, 2018

You remember those, right

The back of comics books and cereal boxes had advertisements telling how you could be a secret agent. You could send off for a secret decoder ring to help you send and read secret messages. You were also told you could have a lot of fun with your friends.

Well, AI just may be the adult version of the secret decoder ring.

What AI can do

Because AI can think and analyze faster than humans, this technology could help speed up the decoding of many unreadable documents. From government to military papers or messages to ancient manuscripts.

Artificial Intelligence could expose what has been hidden from most eyes.

How does AI do it

The AI program would simply look for clues. Because its memory can hold an unlimited amount of data, AI could analyze in seconds what humans would do in a year or more. The capabilities of AI technology unlock decoding and investigative potential.

One example of this has been the claim that a researcher using AI technology has unlocked a centuries-old mystery. The researcher claims that he has been able to read the first line of the Voynich Manuscript. As well as unlock the language it was written in.

The researcher programmed over 250 languages and other search functions into AI’s data banks and let the intelligence work. AI technology can search more possibilities with the advanced amount of data given to it.

Reading the unreadable

The Voynich manuscript mystery has been attacked by some of the most brilliant minds. Even those who decoded the World War 2 Nazi code system. All without success. But the problem may not be in the lack of brilliance or capability but a lack of knowledge.

As brilliant as these minds were, they may not have had all the knowledge needed to crack the code.  That is not a problem with AI. Its memory and data functions can hold as much information as possible. This provides AI with a very large advantage over human decoders.

The technology possesses more knowledge thus providing it with more possibilities to crack any mystery.

There is a problem though

With some codes and unreadable manuscripts, there is the ability to verify the results provided by AI work. There are records or humans who can double check those results and declare that AI has it right.

But with the Voynich Manuscript and other unreadable ancient works, the ability to verify is non-existent. There is no translated copy to double check AI’s work. Nor are there any humans alive who can read the manuscript to correct any errors.

There is another problem as well. There are no clues to the identity, motivation, location of the author. These factors would play a role in decoding the manuscript.

The limitations of an AI decoder ring

While the achievement of AI cannot go unnoticed or unheralded, the application may restrict its development. It is not a tool that would be of any use to the general public. The restriction on use may be its development downfall.

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