By: Hp Creative Space On: March 16, 2018

History of AI Not a day do we go without reading a news piece about history of AI. The artificial intelligence technologies, due to its efficiency, has gained a lot of attention in the market. In fact, a lot of top companies like Google and Amazon have shown interest...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: March 14, 2018

Elon Musk’s view on Artificial Intelligence In a conference held in Texas on 11th March 2018, CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk said that Artificial intelligence was more dangerous than nuclear warheads as the predictions and possibilities are unknown to most people. Tesla is one of...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: March 7, 2018

Psychics are now an endangered species. The revival of the dead,might help  That is if a Swedish funeral agency has their way. Fenix funeral agency is looking to digitally immortalize deceased loved ones. Talking with the dead was once the domain of psychics but if Fenix has their way,...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: February 14, 2018

Lie detectors are not infallible A mystical man called Noah proclaiming to be from 2030 made predictions during a noticeable polygraph test. Boasts he has risked his life to visit back in history and has passed a lie detector test after proclaiming Donald Trump will be re-elected and Man-made...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: February 9, 2018

Artificial Intelligence has replaced the biggest fear – Aliens In the year 2004, when the training exercises were getting conducted over the Pacific Ocean, the pilots of US Navy has reported a fact that one of the blindingly flying and fast mysterious objects caused an ocean to boil. And...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: January 25, 2018

You remember those, right The back of comics books and cereal boxes had advertisements telling how you could be a secret agent. You could send off for a secret decoder ring to help you send and read secret messages. You were also told you could have a lot of...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: January 19, 2018

For thousands of years Doctors have been looking for an edge to protect their patients from disease. Doctors have always looked for clues to help them identify who is or isn’t sick. Their job may have gotten a little easier. With the application of disease identifying Artificial Intelligence, (AI),...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: January 11, 2018

You know the old maid’s joke They tell their prospective employers that they do not do windows, self service laundry and so on. Now it seems like they won’t be required to do laundry. A $16,000 AI machine may do it for them. Yes, you read that right. There...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: December 25, 2017

Introduction The technical bliss had touched our lives and proved to be a revolutionary mechanism. This concept of tech utopia is based on the premise which advances in science and technology that can be a spell, typically tech utopia is somewhat similar to an ideal society that is not...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: October 1, 2017

The Hollywood Reporter Hollywood and Artificial Intelligence seems to be two sides of one coin. Recently trailer of the movie “Morgan” was launched. Hundreds of movies are launched in Hollywood so what so special about this? The Movie Studio revealed the fact that they have used IBM Watson for...

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