By: Hp Creative Space On: May 22, 2018

Movie stars have them So do high powered business and political figures. Why can’t normal people have assistants also? Google is developing the electronic assistant (Google Assistant) called Duplex. This assistant Google Duplex is the next generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) being developed to interact with humans. Now, whether...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: May 12, 2018

AI can be biased, studies reveal AI has become a handy tool for simplifying our life. AI is already a key player behind online giants like Google Facebook. The technology has seen so much advancement that it can even pick the right medical treatment for a patient. However, it...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: April 11, 2018

The AI industry has technology that can scan a massive amount of image data in a jiffy with pinpoint accuracy. The Pentagon is desperate to get its hands on such expertise and considers it important for raising the potency of its armed forces. Vice chief of staff of the...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: April 7, 2018

Introduction Navigating cities has always been a big challenge for drivers, especially when there is no map on hand. Somewhere down the road, you have to use a GPS or map to figure out how to reach a certain place of interest, even if you have been a longtime...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: March 15, 2018

Know the facts about Future home of Australia Thanks to the advent of AI capabilities, the future home of Australia are expected to become safe and smart. They are also going to be smaller in comparison due to the affordability constraints which leaves the people with very little choice...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: March 11, 2018

Google AI Work and Tools Google has been working to make our lives easier with the technology advances since the beginning of the millennial era and when it comes to artificial intelligence, Google is clearly leading the world also providing free education. The level of human-like intelligence Google has...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: March 4, 2018

Introduction A business thrives when the customers give a positive response. Only when the User Experience is great, your business makes a good name. However to give your user the best service so that they can have the best experience is a difficult task to carry out. A lot...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: March 2, 2018

Who is the superhero creator of Artificial Intelligence? Along with the company called DeepMind, Google has been projected the software, which is extra powerful even than the brain of a human. And according to reports, it will surely help the future of human along with the newest and amazing...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: February 14, 2018

Lie detectors are not infallible A mystical man called Noah proclaiming to be from 2030 made predictions during a noticeable polygraph test. Boasts he has risked his life to visit back in history and has passed a lie detector test after proclaiming Donald Trump will be re-elected and Man-made...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: February 3, 2018

People & world of AI Work Together It is possible to have humans and World of AI (Artificial Intelligence)be co-workers. A future does not have to be all doom and gloom. There is a way for both to cohabitate and Google CEO view on AI, Sundar Pichai says, “Google...

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