By: Hp Creative Space On: May 10, 2018

Voice-Based Intelligent Assistants are more popular than ever. AI has been catering to the main objectives of home automation by managing and organizing home appliances in an efficient and secure way. We can definitely expect some tremendous growth in how Artificial Intelligence is used in the hospitality sector in...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: March 28, 2018

AI Products for All Almost 3 years ago, a start-up “Google for people,” was initiated, which is a recruitment firm commenced three years ago and this is a new crop of companies which is using technology to simplify hiring processes, from sorting resumes to scheduling interviews. It is searching...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: March 15, 2018

Know the facts about Future home of Australia Thanks to the advent of AI capabilities, the future home of Australia are expected to become safe and smart. They are also going to be smaller in comparison due to the affordability constraints which leaves the people with very little choice...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: March 14, 2018

What is IoT? The network of material appliances, home devices, vehicles and items lodged with sensors, electronics, software and connectivity by which these objects can connect and exchange significant data is all comprised in the field of IoT. The system of IoT permits the integration of physical devices with...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: March 2, 2018

The New Future The Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain have been the hottest technologies in the IT field for more than 5 years now. Artificial Intelligence has been taking the world by the storm and it’s no different when we talk of the Internet of Things and...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: January 6, 2018

A Few Words Robotics has become the new scientific fad. It seems that a majority of students and scientists are interested in developing robotic machines for entertainment, daily household tasks and fill romantic voids. Is this a good thing? The positives of developing robots Few types of robots, Counseling...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: January 3, 2018

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology park had been planned to set up in Beijing, China worth $2.12 billion. The vision behind such plan is to establish China as the World leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and for a research-based purpose. This dream project of China is expected to be...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: December 30, 2017

Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa is a controlled Echo speaker which is considered as an intelligent personal digital assistant. The device was developed by the Amazon Lab 126. Right now it is in the second generation and there are several derivatives available for this device. Amazon Alexa listens to your...

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By: Hp Creative Space On: January 1, 2016

Internet of Things, widely known as IOT is a very well heard name nowadays. Every one must have heard of smart homes where once you enter, lights glow automatically. You place a phone at a particular place, the phone starts charging. All the things start doing their work as...

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