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By: Hp Creative Space On: December 18, 2017

Artificial Intelligence in the Indian nation is really changing our way of living and thinking in a much broader way than we think. Here are lists of 10 AI companies in India which are trying to change the way of our living. According to a recent survey, more than 68.6 percent of organizations will deploy Artificial Intelligence to get their service better. Five years from now, fifty-four million Indian people will be holding jobs which they have not even heard of until today. This is because Artificial Intelligence is going to increase the job opportunities on a large scale.

DataVal Analytics

It is Bangalore based startup who has become the first company in this world to crack FAIR (Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research) test conducted by Facebook. This test checks the text understanding and reasoning ability of the AI’s. It is very difficult 20 task test. This company passed all the tests with hundred percent accuracy. DataVal has developed new Natural Language Understanding Technology with focus on the human way of understanding language and holistic approach to the problem- solving.
Founders- Dr. Sam Pitroda, Shashikiran BP, Naveen Xavier.
Headquarters- AI company in Bangalore.
Year of founding- 2008
Products- Predictive analysis in agriculture, Customer analysis.

AIndra Systems

It is technologically Artificial Intelligence startup building products in AI to solve problems having high impact. Examples of their products are SmartAttendanceCampus and SmartVerifyHealth.
Founders- Adarsh Natarajan, Abhishek Mishra.
Headquarters- AI company in Bangalore.
Year of founding- 2012
Products- CervAstra: Cervical Cancer Detection system to facilitate early diagnosis.

Artivatic Data Labs

This company helps its customers to make better-personalized decisions. They take a review of a person’s taste, choice, lifestyle, fitness, entertainment etc.
Founder- Layak Singh.
Headquarters – AI company in Bangalore.
Year of founding- 2016
Product- AVDataquarts, AVGenomic, AVPredict, AVDesicion…


It is one of the best Artificial Intelligence companies in India which helps to develop AI in the shortest interval of time with more accuracy. It helps in performing difficult and complex works in an easy manner.
Founders- Vinay Kumar Sankarapu, Deekshith Marla.
Headquarters- AI company in Mumbai.
Year of founding- 2013.
Products- VEGA: a workbench for Deep Learning.


It is an AI startup in India that helps to analyze legal contracts and extract information to keep important clauses near you at your fingertips.
Founder- Krishna Sundaresan.
Headquarters- AI company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Year of founding- 2014
Products- Crux IQ: An Intelligent platform that helps you analyze legal contracts, extract important information and summarize as per requirement.

Fluid AI

This company aims at the use of Artificial Intelligence to overcome serious and major problems including government sectors and internet. It also provides very good facial recognition service. Founder- Abhinav Aggarwal.
Headquarters- AI company in Mumbai.
Year of founding- 2012.
Products- AI Driven sales, Face Recognition, Predict Fraud on Card Transaction, Automation via AI…


It is a company with intelligent communication program which helps businesses automate and communicate with consumers for the better satisfaction of them. They can be used in sectors like finance, e-commerce, food, events, travel, and hospitality.
Founder- Mohit Shah.
Headquarters- AI company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Year of founding- 2013
Products-  Glib Bank, Glib mart, Glib hotels, Glib tours.

Iken Personics

This company uses hybrid AI technologies to help companies increase their revenue and speed up their growth. They provide service in various sectors like food, telecom, entertainment, travel etc. Founder- Dr. Rajendra Sonar
Headquarters – AI company in Mumbai.
Year of founding- 2005
Products- Deep Personalisation in Telecom, Media&Entertainment, Retail.

Mad Street Den

It is one of the leading AI companies in India which builds applications for real life use with their computer vision and Artificial Intelligence.
Founders- Ashwini Asokan, Anand Chandrasekaran.
Headquarters – AI company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Year of founding- 2013.
Products- VUE.AI: vertically integrated solution stack for Retail Industry.

Tricog Health Services

This company reduces the fatalities caused by heart attacks by easily accessing the medical conditions of a person and reducing the time elapsed in doing so. It thus gives doctors a bit more time to think about what next to do immediately.
Founders- Vikram Bihani, Ankit Umesh Patel, Parag Dhol, Arpit Agarwal, Zainul Mohammed Charbiwala, Charit Bhograj.
Headquarters – AI company in Bangalore.
Year of founding- 2014.
Products- TricogInsta ECG.

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