AI companies in Russia
By: Hp Creative Space On: December 20, 2017

Like all other nations, the Artificial Intelligence in Russia is also growing at a very prominent rate and it is one of the leading countries when it comes to the use of Artificial Intelligence. Many sectors have deployed the use of Artificial Intelligence for the smooth working of their companies and to optimize the profit and to get a better standard of living. Artificial Intelligence is not only helping people to do their work easily and effectively but also it provides medical assistance which is a precious gift for the mankind.

Here is a list of few Artificial Intelligence tech startups operating in Russia with their works.


This has been rated as one of the better apps by Apple. Within the release, this app got 85 million downloads which are one of the best apps. It takes the image and then processes on it in the cloud server. It gives some very amazing editings to the image which makes the app worth downloading it.
Founders – Aram Airapetyan, Alexy Moiseenkov.
Year of founding – June 2016.
Headquarters – AI company in Moscow.


It is also AI group which works in the field of innovations in facial recognition, data analysis, and robotics technology. It creates a photorealistic 3D image of the face. It is used for facial verification and recognition. It is one of the most accurate AI in the field of facial recognition.
Founder – Dr. Yaopeng Zhou
Year of founding – 2013
Headquarters – AI company in Skolkovo near Moscow.


It uses the Artificial Intelligence to analyze and predict stock and share market natures. It acts as virtual financial analysis and portfolio manager.
Founder – Samit Yakovlev, Ilya Filippov.
Year of founding – 2014
Headquarters – AI company in Moscow.


Nanosemantics is the Russia based Artificial Intelligent startup which is running successfully and a well-established company today. It gained everyone’s attention by creating a natural language human-computer dialogue interfaces. The key products can be used anywhere on the web or API or mobile.
Founder – Natalya Kaspersky.
Year of founding – 2004
Headquarters – AI company in Santa Clara.

Cognitive Technologies

Cognitive Technologies is billed as a pioneer of AI-based driver assistance systems. Last year, the company developed C-Pilot, an intelligent autonomous driving system that can be installed in cars and other vehicles. This AI is better than its competitors as it works better than them even in bad weather and bad roads. It is helping the vehicles to go completely automated or driverless.
Founders – Olga Uskova and group.
Year of founding – 1993
Headquarters – AI company in Moscow.

Kaspersky Labs

They train hackers to create virus fighters by developing antiviruses which act as AI against virus attacks in PCs.
Founders – Eugene Kaspersky, Natalya Kaspersky, Alexey De-Monderik and Vadim Bogdanov.
Year of founding – 1997
Headquarters – AI company in Moscow.


This company develops AI for pioneering optical text recognition technology. Its function is to convert paper documents into searchable electronic files.
Founder – David Yang
Year of founding – 1989
Headquarters – AI company in Moscow.


This company develops AI for fast tuning of smart cards. They make scannable chips used in passports or subway cards etc.
Founders – the Joint-stock company headed by JSC Mikron.
Year of founding – 1964
Headquarters – AI company in Zelenograd, Russia.


It is claimed to be one of the most widely used web servers and uses highly developed AI for better performance and results.
Founders – Gus Robertson (CEO), Igor Sysoev (CTO).
Year of founding – 2004
Headquarters – AI companies in Russia.


It is highly accurate facial recognition technology. It claims that the AI used by them is about 70 percent accurate. It is able to detect one person in a group of one billion people in one second.
Founders – Artem Kuharenko, Alexander Kabakov
Year of founding – 2016
Headquarters – AI company in Moscow.

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