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By: Hp Creative Space On: December 17, 2017

Artificial Intelligence in UK states and other European countries trying to change the lifestyle of the people with a much broader mind. Here is a list of Top 10 AI companies in UK & other European countries.


Expertise: Artificial Intelligence
Founded: 23 September 2010; 7 years ago
Headquarters: AI company in London, UK
Founder(s): Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg, Mustafa Suleyman
CEO: Demis Hassabis
Parent: Independent (2010–2014), Google Inc. (2014–present), Alphabet Inc. (2015–present)

BenevolentAI (Stratified Medical)

Expertise:- Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neuroscience
Founded Date:- Nov 13, 2013
Founders: Brent Gutekunst, Ivan Griffin, Ken Mulvany, Michael Brennan
Location: AI company in London, UK
Total Funding Amount: $100,000,000
Investors: Lansdowne Partners, Lundbeck, Upsher Smith Laboratories, Woodford Investment Management
Founder Education:
• Ivan Griffin: University of Oxford Cognitive Neuroscience
• Brent Gutekunst: University of Kansas BS (1978), Business Administration, Computer Science (1982)
• Michael Brennan: Paris-Sud University (Paris XI)
• Ken Mulvany


Founded Date: Aug 17, 2011
Founders: Ambarish Mitra, Ambarish Mitra, Jessica Butcher, Omar Tayeb, Steve Spencer

Location: AI company in London, UK
Total Funding Amount: $99,000,000
Investor: Khazanah Nasional, Qualcomm Ventures
Founder Education:
• Ambarish Mitra
• Jessica Butcher:- University of Oxford MA(1996), Ancient & Modern History (1999)
• Omar Tayeb:- Imperial College B.Sc (2006) Mathematics and Computer Science (2009)
• Steve Spencer


Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Information Technology
Founded Date: 2008
Founders: Philippe Pouletty
Location: AI company in Vélizy Villacoublay, France
Total Funding Amount: €54,000,000
Investor: Truffle Capital
Founder Education:
• Philippe Pouletty:- Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University (University of Paris) MD (Hematology and Immunology)


Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Data Center Automation, Enterprise Software, Information Technology
Founded Date: 1995
Founders: Charis Boos
Location: AI company in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Total Funding Amount: $55,000,000
Investor: KKR & Co. (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.)
Founder Education:
• Charis Boos:- ETH Zurich (Computer Science). Did research in U.S. and European institutions and was awarded the John F. Kennedy National Leadership Award in 2003.


Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Software, Software Engineering
Founded Date: 2016
Founders: Daniel Kroening
Location: AI company in Oxfordshire, UK
Total Funding Amount: £17,000,000
Investor: Goldman Sachs Princip
Founder Education:
• Daniel Kroening:- Saarland University, Saarbruecken, Germany MS (Computer Science) (1999), Ph.D. (Computer Science) (2001), Prof. Of Computer Science in Oxford University Computer Scientist In Germany


Expertise: Android, Artificial Intelligence, iOS, Mobile, Software
Founded Date: 1 Aug 2008
Founders: Ben Medlock, Jon Reynolds
Location: AI company in London, UK
Total Funding Amount: $21,591,224
Investor: Index Ventures, Octopus Ventures
Founder Education:
• Jon Reynolds:- University of Cambridge MA (Natural Science) (2004-2007)
• Ben Medlock:- Durham University B.Sc (1999) Computer Science (2002), University of Cambridge Ph.D. (2003) Information Processing (2008), University of Cambridge M.Phil (2003) Computer Speech (2008)


Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Software
Founded Date: 22 Jan 2013
Founders: Mael Primet, Michael Fester, Rand Hindi
Location: AI company in Paris, France
Total Funding Amount: $21,300,000
Investor: Korelya Capital, MAIF Ave, The Hive
Founder Education:
• Mael Primet:- Ecole Normale Superieure Paris Ph.D. (Mathematics)
• Michael Fester:- University of Cambridge MSc (Mathematics)
• Rand Hindi:- University College London (UCL) BSc (Computer science)


Expertise:- Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Database, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Software, PaaS, SaaS, Software
Founded Date:- 2006
Founders:- Joachim Wester
Location: AI company in Stockholm, Sweden
Total Funding Amount:- $24,918,472
Investor: Industrifonden


Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics
Founded Date: 1 Dec 2014
Founders: Andreas Kunze, Dennis Humhal, Vlad Lata
Location: AI company in Munich, Germany
Total Funding Amount: $18,500,000
• Green Bay Ventures
• Upbeat ventures
• Foundation Capital
• New Enterprise Association
• Michel Baum
• Loather Stain
• Andreas Bechtolsheim
• Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners
• Oliver Buecken
• Foundation Capital
• New Enterprise Associates
• Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners
• Lothar Stein
• Maximilian Hasler
• Dennis Humhal
• Andy Bechtolsheim
• Andreas Kunze
• EIT Digital Accelerator

Founder Education:
• Andreas Kunze:- Stanford University Research Scholar, Information System, Technical University Munich M.Sc (Information System) (2013-2014) B.sc (Information System) (2010-2013)
• Dennis Humhal:- Technical University Munich M.Sc (Mechanical Engineering) (2012-2015) B.Sc (Mechanical Engineering) (2009-2012)
• Vlad Lata:- Technical University Munich M.Sc (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) (2012-2015) B.Sc (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) (2009-2012)


Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, mHealth
Founded Date: Dec 1, 2012
Founders: Alessandro Traverso, Birger Lie, Harald Jellum, Matteo Berlucchi

Location: AI company in London, UK
Total Funding Amount: $17,300,000
• Orkla Ventures
• Smedvig Capital
• Smedvig

Founder’s Education:
• Alessandro Traverso: Politecnico di Torino M.Sc (Computer Systems Networking & Telecommunications) (1996-1997), London Business School M.B.A (General Management) (2001-2003)
• Birger Lie: The Norwegian School of Information Technology B.Sc (Computer Engineering) (1999-2002)
• Harald Jellum: University of Strathclyde B.sc (Computer science & Microprocessor Systems) (1985-1987)
• Matteo Berlucchi: University of Padua Ph.D. (Theoretical Physics) (1986-1992), Imperial College unknown(Computing) (1995)

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